Bitcoin Financial Freedom is a regulated securities and commodities trading firm, specializing in online Foreign Exchange ("Forex") brokerage. In addition to Forex, Bitcoin Financial Freedom is a primary market maker in Contracts for Difference ("CFDs") on shares, indices and futures, and offers one of the fastest growing online CFD trading services. Bitcoin Financial Freedom has over 10,000 clients worldwide, including individual traders, institutions, and money managers.Bitcoin Financial Freedom provides an advanced, secure, and comprehensive online trading system. Client funds are insured and held in a separate customer account. In addition, Bitcoin Financial Freedom Inc maintains Net Capital in excess of minimum regulatory requirements.

Bitcoin Financial Freedom  is a group of experienced, mature, certified financial professionals. We act as fully authorized representatives of a large and well-established international investment bank (group) offering a wide range of investment and merchant services. We possess first-hand direct contacts with numerous financial institutions and private lenders throughout North America and Europe.

Our group has been in this business since 1998 offering investment opportunities to private individuals. Our customers' funds are involved in the following financial activities: bank debentures, hedge funds and private placements. In order to make our assets more diversified and for the company to be more versatile we also deal in the real estate (the US, Europe and certain Asian countries), precious metals and more.

The funds you entrust us with will become a part of our investment capital which is managed by skilled professionals and guarantees stable income for at least another 10 years. There is no need to submit the source of income or to disclose personal details, we do not require you to do that. Normally such is required for investments from at least $1M to $10M. If you invest with us, your money becomes a part of a huge pool of funds. We provide full disclosure of our operations, you can watch the progress of your funds from within your account. Unlike others, we allow the investor to stay in full control over funds.

We use our knowledge and skills along with the most effective financial methods to reach the best fiscal results in the most attractive investment projects. Nowadays we are willing to propose our clients the top level of security for their investments along with maximum income.

Our professionalism, good experience and effective strategies are the main reason of our fast development. We are working in the most favorable directions of the world’s financial operations including Forex trading, insurance, bonds and mutual funds, annuities and some others. Moreover, Bitcoin Financial Freedom is always ready for further development, looking for the new ways of advantageous investments and new effective decisions for the same fiscal problems. These strategies don’t let us passing by the profit; we never stop analyzing every opportunity and guarantee the most successful investments for our clients.

Good professional image of a stable and reliable partner is one of our top achievements as we make best efforts to keep our activity transparent and gainful for our clients. Bitcoin Financial Freedom appreciates every investor and always finds the best variants for your finances. Working with us is convenient and transparent – you can always watch the results of your investments on our website. We provide you the confidence that your funds never stop working for you. Make your investment now – and join our success!